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Size L/W/H (cm): 8*6*16 ; Weight (g) ~: 270

LED transformer table lamp with battery

It is a compact and powerful folding table lamp of daylight.  


The lamp is made of durable plastic. It conveniently folds like an accordion and easily fits into a small handbag or pocket

Emits a powerful stream of daylight. Thanks to modern diodes, the lamp will serve you for many years without losing its qualities/


A folding LED lamp can be useful to many:


People who are often on business trips, travel by train and live in hotels
Those who rarely use lamps and do not want it to take up a lot of space in the apartment
Lovers of reading a book in bed
Hikers and tourists
Students and teachers

Thanks to the battery, the lamp can be used in a tent and during camping

Fishermen and hunters. Need to do jewelry work with hooks, but it's already dark? A folding lamp will help you out perfectly

For motorists. In a situation when an additional source of autonomous light is needed when repairing cars or small manual work.


The LED portable lamp is ideal as a local light source at home or in the country.

The device is equipped with LED lamps that provide bright enough lighting.

The power source is the built-in battery.

Adjustable height and tilt angle.

Compact design and foldable design.
Package size 16x8x6cm
Product weight 278g

Size L/W/H (cm)
Weight (g) ~

100% quality guarantee
100% quality guarantee
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14 days for return
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Nationwide delivery